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Merry Xmas to all our Customers

  We wish all our Customers a comfortable and enjoyable festive time and we hope to work better for you in the New year. We have enjoyed working for you and we look forward to a time of reflection and …

Is BiM threatening the traditional Construction operations?

The architecture profession in currently facing at least three important transformations: the integrated practice, the re-emergence of sustainable design, and building information modeling. BIM is a digital paradigm shift, in many ways similar to that of the CAD revolution of the …

Workflow management and allegory of Marriage

  Most organisation start off with good ideas of how the future is going to be: Profits, growth, production, hard-working employees, envious competitors and good bank balances. It’s like a couple who wed, obviously deep in love with great ideas …

Phone: 0191 284 3322
Address: 50 Ferrisdale way, NE3 2SE
Newcastle upon Tyne

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