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Workflow management and allegory of Marriage


Most organisation start off with good ideas of how the future is going to be: Profits, growth, production, hard-working employees, envious competitors and good bank balances. It’s like a couple who wed, obviously deep in love with great ideas of having beautiful children, holidays, envious neighbours and in most cases, absolutely oblivious of the problems that could be in store. With the temperatures of early partnership of marriage still aflame, the couple will be in so much love that all they will do is even laugh at things that are not so humorous in the first place. This lovely picture of kissing, cuddling, pecking and gift giving will soon wear out as the reality of life hits the couple.

A similar picture is seen in organisations that start off with the utopia of believing that they can operate with poorly designed workflow processes and yet succeed. As couples start screaming, scratching, blaming and passing the back on issues that were previously allowed to pass without comment, so do organisations beginning having a tough time as competition and challenges of innovation start confronting these organisations.

The power to solve problems becomes distant and alien and in most cases, a tug of war of ideas commence just as it happens in marital situations. At times, there seems to be no solutions in sight to the problems as couples realise that their coupling was obviously wrong and divorce seems to be more attractive in comparison to finding effective solutions. At such moments, most couples see hasten to divorce as it is seen as being the cheaper, quicker and more acceptable solution just like most organisations contemplate the sacking and getting rid of anyone who seems to be the problem within the organisations. Some Managers lose their jobs; employees get frustrated and soon exhibit signs of fatigue, as senior managers blame their subordinates for poor production levels.

No one ever thinks that the problem could be the poor processes and workflow issues that were not well designed from the beginning. Just as marriage couples need counselling and help from relationship counsellors to restore a health marriage relation, organisations equally need management and process experts to examine the issues that dog these organisations and attempt solutions by providing an impartial solution to the usually poor workflow problems that organisations face.

Careful examination of organisation’s poor process and workflows in these organisation and the redesigning of new ones that have an objective in driving the organisation to perform and do things better and differently is similar to couples receiving counsel and being humble enough by acknowledging that they had it all wrong in the first place and that change is required if marriage survival is to be attained somehow. Instead of fighting and resisting change, couples who realise the benefits of accepting change get benefits immediately in the form of love joy and happiness just the same as organisations that accept to have their workflow processes redesigned so that they can have improved performance in sales, production and service delivery with an urge to out-do their competitors.

As happiness returns in marriages, so does improved performance in organisations as they embrace innovative workflows and processes that are designed with the organisational goals and objectives at the heart of the consultants as they provide the much required solutions. A fulfilled marriage is similar to an organisation that has well designed workflows that responds to the needs of the industry for its survival.

Phone: 0191 284 3322
Address: 50 Ferrisdale way, NE3 2SE
Newcastle upon Tyne

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